Buy dab carts online

Buy dab carts online combine two of the best things to come out of cannabis engineering: The convenience and portability of a vape cartridge filled with a high-potency cannabis concentrate, or ‘dab.’

Modern producers take advantage of technology by buying empty cartridges in bulk. Filling them with any range of distillates or concentrates produces a custom dab cartridge that stands out from the pack.

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According to the Leafly Cannabis Glossary, “dabbing is a method of consuming cannabis that involves flash vaporizing an extract—called a ‘dab’—on a hot surface and inhaling the vapor through a pipe.”

Traditional dabbing requires a ‘dab rig’: a specific type of water pipe for concentrates that can be expensive and extensive. This also needs you to wield a blowtorch that is both unsafe and costly. Handling tiny amounts of sticky or crumbly cannabis dabs can also be hard, even for experienced concentrate consumers. All this before we even start considering cleaning and maintenance.

In the early 2000s, e-cigarettes and ‘vaping’ took off in North America and spanned the globe. After early innovation, the industry coalesced behind a universal standard for how a vape cartridge would attach to a battery. Named after a proprietary technology from Joyetech, the “510 thread” cartridge became standard.

The widespread adoption of the 510 threading in nicotine vaping paved the way for cannabis carts. PAX and a few others have seen success in proprietary pods, but all daily marijuana consumers have a few 510-thread dab cart batteries lying around.

Any producer with access to cannabis oil—distillate blends to live resins and rosins—can produce vape cartridges. The technology provides a low barrier to entry for both brands and consumers.

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