Face Melters Remixed Gummies | (20ct) 4000mg


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Buy Face Melters Remixed Gummies 4000mg Online

Buy Face Melters Remixed Gummies 4000mg Online. Get ready to blow your mind and ride the wave of good vibes with Face Melters Remixed D8 + THC-P Gummies! These gummies are not just your ordinary treat – they’re packed with a punch of Delta-8 THC and THC-P that’ll take you on a wild adventure! From the vegan and non-GMO ingredients to the USA grown hemp, you can enjoy your trippy experience knowing you’re making a positive impact on your mind body and spirit. Each jar contains 20 gummies at 200mg active cannabinoids each. Maui Labs revived its original formula by adding the most potent cannabinoid, THC-P.

Now let’s talk flavors! We’ve mixed up a wild assortment that will have your taste buds dancing. Get ready for the Assorted Madness, a flavor explosion that will keep you guessing with every bite. Or try the Apple Bomb OG for a hybrid twist that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance while you explore the cosmos.

Feeling like a burst of energy and creativity? The Blue Dream gummies infused with sativa goodness are here to lift your spirits and ignite your imagination. Need some relaxation? Indulge in the Peach Madness gummies, infused with indica magic to help you unwind and find your chill.

For those seeking a sweet treat with a sativa kick, the Strawberry OG gummies are the perfect choice. Enjoy the fruity explosion while keeping your mind sharp and alert. And let’s not forget the Watermelon Zkittlez gummies, a sativa delight that will transport you to a tropical paradise with every bite.

Each jar is filled with 20 gummies, and with 200mg in each piece, you’ll have plenty to share with your crew or keep all to yourself for those epic solo journeys. The potent blend of Delta-8 THC and THC-P, along with the strain-specific terpenes, ensures a mind-bending experience like no other.

So grab a jar of Face Melters Remixed D8 + THC-P Gummies, dive into the world of cannabinoids, and let the good times roll. With their all-natural ingredients and irresistible flavors, these gummies are a must-have for everyone who wants to elevate their adventures and daily activities. Get ready to melt faces and ride the cosmic wave!

Face Melters Remixed Gummy Flavors

  • Assorted Madness
  • Apple Bomb OG – Hybrid
  • Blue Dream – Sativa
  • Peach Madness – Indica
  • Strawberry OG – Sativa
  • Watermelon Zkittlez – Sativa

Additional Product Information

  • Potent Blend Of Delta-8 THC And THC-P
  • Strain Specific Terpene Infused
  • 20 Gummies Per Jar
  • Made From USA Grown Hemp
  • 200mg In Each Gummy
  • Vegan And Non-GMO Ingredients
  • 4000mg Active Cannabinoids per Jer


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